My journey with complementary and alternative therapies began over 10 years ago after my life changing experience of overcoming a chronic illness and severe back problems. These conditions naturally led to depression and personal crisis.

With conventional medicine treating some of the physical conditions, I sought out alternative therapies to heal my ‘self’. This healing journey showed me a new way of living. We all need a helping hand sometimes, especially if you are a sensitive soul like me living in hectic times.

I naturally wanted to share my experience and knowledge so the Cherry Blossom tree was planted. I draw on my love of Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Diet & Nutrition, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Ancient Wisdom and Nature to help others.

Through my own experience I have a passion for ‘well being’ which comes in many different forms. Using my various disciplines I like to treat the ‘whole person’.

I am a registered UK Reiki Federation Master Practitioner and the CNHC. I am a qualified Meditation Teacher. So the term ‘Master’ is not misinterpreted, I regard myself as a humble servant of Reiki and start each new day with a beginners mind. I am also VTCT qualified in Swedish Full Body Massage, VTCT qualified in Indian Head Massage, hold an FHT Accredited Practitioners Diploma in Hot Stone Massage and Holistic Facials and an NCFE Level 2 in Diet & Nutrition. I also hold a level 3 Diploma in Pathology to give me a deeper understanding of disease in the body.

I endeavour to practice the Usui style Japanese Reiki system and do my best to honour the founder of Reiki, Usui Mikao and all of my teachers along the path.

Above all, I am a delicate soul, just like you and I recognise the struggle within us all in coping with the human condition…

May your light shine – Love & Blessings


This is me…..